We build to last.

There's no shortcut to success.

Our business is built on 100 years of rolling up our sleeves. We build long-term value through steadfast customer focus and continuous improvement.

We align with different seller needs.

The combination of LDI's long-term perspective, operational focus and bias to invest in growth makes it an ideal buyer for many different seller profiles.

LDI has been the preferred buyer for:

1. Family or closely held businesses looking for a new owner to take the business to the next level.
2. Investors and financial owners in need of an exit plan or a transition to permanent capital.
3. Corporate owners holding assets that no longer align with the company's strategic vision.

Learn about LDI's history

We use strategic acquisitions to expand geographic presence.

Fragmentation in the freight forwarding industry has provided OIA with the opportunity to strategically develop a global footprint through follow-on acquisitions.

Through multiple acquisitions, OIA has developed a comprehensive North American, European and Asian presence and expanded into South America. In 2013, the acquisition of Bellville Rodair International added 150 employees and 22 offices in 15 countries.

OIA continues to seek opportunities and partnerships to further its global network.

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We create vertically integrated industry leaders.

A merger with Motorsport Aftermarket Group (MAG) gave LDI the opportunity to expand the product offerings of Tucker Rocky, a national powersports distributor selling over 100,000 aftermarket products.

The merger has resulted in increased operational efficiencies and established an omni-channel model for end users.

In 2014, LDI became the majority equity holder of the combined entity, which operates under the Motorsport Aftermarket Group name.

Learn more about MAG

We drive topline growth by building skilled sales teams.

LDI looks for opportunities to increase top-line growth by developing a company’s sales force.

Upon acquiring FinishMaster (1996) and OIA Global (2010), LDI invested in the resources to recruit and train new sales employees, and redefine the sales strategy.

An efficient sales force and innovative go-to-market strategy contributed to each company’s 20+ percent revenue CAGR over the first three years of ownership.

Learn more about LDI Portfolio Companies

We engineer supply chains to improve productivity and customer service.

FinishMaster’s legacy two-step distribution model was characterized by high-volume, lower-value purchase orders which led to longer lead times, frequent stock-outs and higher administrative costs.

In collaboration with vendors, FinishMaster created a regional distribution center network to consolidate purchasing and inventory management.

Modifying the supply chain reduced purchase order volatility, shortened lead times, lowered costs, and raised customer service levels.

Learn more about the FinishMaster growth story

We evolve business models to create value.

LDI has supported organic growth initiatives at OIA to evolve from a freight forwarder to a full-service supply chain management company.

By combining its retail expertise with supply chain solutions, OIA created a comprehensive packaging program that results in cost savings and brand protection for customers.

Today, OIA is capable of meeting any client’s supply chain needs including: sourcing, packaging, storing, and shipping goods.

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We invest in systems to accelerate growth.

Add-on acquisitions created systems and business technology challenges that threatened FinishMaster’s growth.

To build capacity, LDI simplified the technology environment by:

1. Migrating three general ledgers and five order management systems into one integrated ERP platform.
2. Introducing a B2B ecommerce platform.
3. Developing a proprietary online pricing tool.

Investing in technology and systems enabled FinishMaster to increase the speed of internal and customer-level decision making, improve visibility into business operations and performance, and ultimately equip the company with the tools to accelerate its industry consolidation strategy.

Read more about FinishMaster

We foster cultures of continuous improvement.

Answer Products required a culture of continuous improvement across the entire business to maintain its performance-driven, premium brand position.

Management implemented lean and just-in-time manufacturing principles throughout its U.S. and Asian manufacturing facilities. In addition, Answer completed 30+ Kaizen events across manufacturing, warehouse, engineering, and sales functions.

As a result, product development sped up at Answer which decreased lead times and production costs. Increased inventory turns reduced warehouse space and most importantly, customers rewarded Answer with topline growth because of the faster speed to market.

Learn more about Answer

We identify and implement cost-saving technologies.

The distribution division of Motorsport Aftermarket Group (Tucker Rocky) wanted to improve order productivity and speed for customers.

With capital from LDI, Tucker Rocky piloted a high-density pick module system in the company’s one-million-square-foot distribution network.

Barcode scanning, multilingual and paperless pick systems, and upgraded material handling features have made workers more efficient, doubling picks per hour and decreasing labor costs.

Learn about MAG and Tucker Rocky

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We look for more than just business opportunities; we seek companies with the long-term ability to grow.

Growth Potential Growth Potential

We invest in high growth segments with experience growing distribution, logistics, supply chain management, and manufacturing businesses.

Industries Industries

We work in fragmented industries with diversified customer and supplier bases.

size Size

We traditionally look for businesses with EBITDA between $2 million and $10+ million.

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We provide permanent capital and prefer majority ownership positions.

Track Record Track Record

We seek companies with a demonstrated ability to materially grow revenue and cash flow.