U.S. Corrugated Fiber Box Company

U.S. Corrugated Fiber Box Co. was a national manufacturer of corrugated boxes and the predecessor to LDI, Ltd.

  • Co-founded by Howard J. Lacy, Sr., 1912
  • Sold to Boise Cascade (strategic buyer), 1984


In 1912, Howard Lacy co-founded U.S. Corrugated to fill the market need for corrugated shipping containers. Lacy and his business partners capitalized on new transportation regulations that allowed corrugated containers (boxes) to be used for rail shipments in place of wooden crates.

U.S. Corrugated grew organically and via add-on acquisitions. It implemented industry-leading technology, becoming one of the nation’s largest independent, non-integrated producers of corrugated shipping containers.

U.S. Corrugated was sold in 1984 to Boise Cascade. At the time of sale, the company encompassed eight manufacturing plants. The 72-year hold period of the company solidified LDI’s “build and hold” strategy for future acquisitions.